Byrne Larry

County of Origin:             Carrick on Shannon County Leitrim Ireland.

The Journey:                      I came from Leinster to Liverpool in 1960. I travelled on the Princess Maud.   

Work History:                   I worked in Birmingham for 3 months and also in Liverpool for 2 years during the Beatles era. I was a member of the original Cavern Club where the Beatles started.

In August 1963, I moved to Hitchin, working as an Engineer at 65 Wilbury Way. I moved to Luton within a year. My employers supplied transport to Hitchin and provided “on the job training”.

I then worked at George Kent in Biscot Road Luton. It was a big company employing 2 thousand people. I worked in Milton Keynes before I retired.

Quote:                                  I worked 7 days a week; my wife went to work when I came home in the evening. We worked hard and paid contributions through our working lives. Luton was a different place when I first came here.

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